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Crystal Clean Car Wash


Modernizing dated design and features of an existing car wash, creating a state of the art car wash with a modern layout and functionality.

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Our client was interested in redesigning an existing car wash with a dated layout and features, and creating one that was a new, state-of-the-art car wash center that minimized energy, water, and chemical consumption.


Designing a car wash required a thorough understanding of the various components and systems that make up a car wash facility, as well as knowledge of local zoning and building codes. The design process began with a site analysis to determine the best location for the car wash and to assess the site's existing infrastructure, such as water and electrical supply.


Next, an architectural layout of the facility was created, including the design of the wash bay, vacuum and detailing areas, and the office and customer waiting area. The layout also considered the flow of vehicles through the car wash, and the design of the conveyor system, sprayers, and other equipment that will be used to clean the vehicles. It was also important to consider the safety and accessibility for customers and employees, as well as the environmental impact of the car wash.


The design kept in mind the use of sustainable materials and the incorporation of energy-efficient systems to minimize the environmental impact. 


Once the car wash build was complete, it featured two auto bays offering touchless or soft touch washes with four different packages, four self service wash bays with various cleaning and drying options, six high-powered vacuums, two dog wash stations and an area for auto detailing.

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