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Our goal with each of our services is to enable our customers to understand the complexities of building and renovating residential and commercial spaces. We work alongside our clients to provide a better, more seamless experience and minimize the potential roadblocks many people often encounter, through thoughtful planning and problem solving before and during the building process.

Feasibility & Permitting

Before committing to a project, it is important to understand all the necessary steps, timelines, and costs associated.

An often missed component of many renovation and construction projects is the Initial Feasibility Report.


A feasibility report determines if a project is viable or doable, and helps develop project plans based on your building needs, goals and budget.


Our team is committed to assisting clients as they work through the difficult and frequently perplexing process of acquiring the required licenses and approvals for their projects. We want to take your dream and make it fit with the local ordinances and codes.

Our services include:

Site Investigation: To make sure your project site complies with all applicable zoning, land use, and environmental rules, a detailed analysis of the site in our report.

Coordination of Permits: We coordinate the issuance of all necessary permissions and permits, including those for environmental protection, land use, and construction.

Regulatory Compliance: To make sure that your project complies with all applicable laws and requirements, we work closely with local, state, and federal officials.

Initial Project Planning: We provide an initial analysis of your budget compared to local building costs, to ensure your expectations align with the costs. 

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CAD Design & Rendering

Create and optimize your design.

We provide expert CAD Design and Rendering services to clients, producing designs and visualizations that enable accurate building drawings for your contractors and renderings that bring your vision to life.


We utilize the most up to date CAD Design Software to produce exact and accurate technical drawings and models that satisfy the requirements of your project.


Our 3D Modeling Service produces accurate representations of your project's shape, functionality, and scale. Along with our 3D Printed Modeling Services, we can provide a graphic or physical representation of our client's expectations.

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Project Management

Build on time, and on budget.

We provide complete Project Management Services for our clients. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your project is completed on time and on budget.

Our Project Management Services include:

Project Planning: Together, we will create a job plan that details all the processes and materials needed to carry out your project.

Budget Management: We assist you in developing and maintaining a reasonable project budget, making sure that all expenses are covered and that your project remains financially viable.

Schedule Management: We create and manage Project Schedules that keep in mind important project deadlines, dependencies, and milestones.

Resource Management: We coordinate the use of all necessary materials, tools, labor, and employees for your project.


Risk Management: We locate and evaluate potential hazards to your project and create plans to lessen their potential effects.

Our Project Management services are provided at a cost plus basis. This mitigates any unexpected changes to the budget and incentivizes our team to remain on schedule. 

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