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Upscale Medspa Clinic

Our client, the owner of Endeavor Wellness & Medspa, approached us with the idea of renovating her space, which she felt required a more modern look and better utilization of space. Specializing in PRP treatments, hair restoration, Botox, dermal fillers, and many more medical cosmetic improvement procedures, the goal was to create a space that offered a private, upscale experience.


As a Medspa, the challenge of how to stock large, bulky medical grade equipment and furniture, while retaining the clean, clinical look that patients expect -- was the most important problem to solve. 

Keeping with her adoration for the color pink, while maintaining the look of a clean, modern clinic, we designed a space that hosted modern, unique art prints, while keeping the visual design of the room mostly clean, crisp white.

Most importantly, we re-oriented the entire room, keeping in mind how the room was to be utilized with patients, and what was most important to both the medical practitioners and patients: sanitation, hygiene, and the overall experience of a patient, from start to end of appointments.


We removed aspects of the room, such as mirrors, shelving, etc. that unnecessarily eliminated much needed space, and produced custom-made storage solutions for all of the equipment, tools, and supplies that needed to be accessible, yet better organized in the space.

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