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Rural Modern Getaway


Innovative Contemporary Design Meets Nature

Joan Benoit Cottage Remodel.jpg

This was one of our most rewarding projects -- for our client, a modern rural getaway. We started by assessing the condition of the building and identifying any structural or functional issues that needed to be addressed.

This can included updating the electrical and plumbing systems, repairing the roof, and adding insulation to improve energy efficiency. After addressing structural issues, the renovation then focused on updating the interior and exterior finishes, with new siding, flooring, and a wrap around balcony.


In redesigning this home, our client wanted to incorporate her love of nature in the style and character of the home and wanted to ensure the redesign complemented the existing architecture and the building's surroundings.

This can be seen in the balance of the building itself against the elements of the land that surround the home. The house's interior features wide, open spaces, lofty ceilings and a limited color palette to draw attention to the home's natural surroundings.

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