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Luxury Nail Salon

Our client, the owner of Jazzy Nail Salon, requested a space that offered a luxury private nail salon experience -- one that resonated with the mood she hoped to offer all of her guests: a feeling of relaxation to the sound of jazz. Quite the opposite of the hustle and bustle of the average crowded nail salons, she envisioned a truly unique space.

With limited space as a simple suite room, the goal was to design a space that maximized utility and felt intimate, not small and cramped.

Inspired by her morning routine to wake up to a cup of tea and calming jazz music, we selected artistic design elements that instantly recall thoughts of jazz: brass tones, abstract art, and deep blue. 

The highlights of the space are the custom designed curved tables -- allowing ease of movement for nail technicians to their tools and supplies, and for all guests.

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