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Kittery Car Wash


An brand new large bay automatic truch wash with all the modern updates that provide customers with ease of use, and a sense of awe in how much new technology can keep their trucks looking brand new in no time.

Kittery Detail Wash 1_edited.jpg

Our client wanted to evolve the modern car wash into one with modern technology and unmatched convenience for customers, to redefine the car wash experience.

When we began designing this state-of-the-art car wash, our client's vision was to update and streamline the way the facility could clean vehicles, making it a seamless and effortless process while maintaining the highest standards of quality and sustainability.


We chose to incorporate innovative features and sleek, angular design aesthetics, and some key features:

Automated Precision

At the heart of this modern car wash lies an advanced system of robotic arms and sensors that work in perfect harmony. From the moment you drive in, these intelligent arms seamlessly analyze your vehicle's dimensions and contours, ensuring a precise and customized cleaning process that caters to every nook and cranny.

Touchless Brilliance

This car wash relies on cutting-edge touchless technology, eliminating the risk of scratches and swirl marks. Using a combination of high-pressure water jets, specially formulated detergents, and targeted airblades, all vehicles receive a thorough, gentle, and swirl-free clean.

Eco-Friendly Commitment 

Sustainability lies at the core of this design. By employing water recycling systems, efficient energy usage, and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, the goal was to ensure this car wash minimized water consumption.

Time-Efficient Solutions

While maintaining the quality of service, its streamlined processes and optimized flow dramatically reduced the average cleaning time, allowing customers to complete their service and get back on the road with an immaculately clean vehicle.


Spacious Interior

The large interior offered customers a different experience from the often cramped, small spaces of typical car washes. 

Our goal of joining the latest technology, convenience, and a seamless experience, defined the overall design and construction of this car wash.

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