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Modern Elegance


Redesigning an office building for our client who specializes in creating Energy-conscious custom homes

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Each residential project is derived from the design characteristics and functionality that our clients envision for their new home -- often a reflection of their unique personalities and lifestyles.  In this case, we took a dated 1950's building and updated it by blending contemporary design that may, initially, seem more at home on the Westcoast, with the with the natural charm and character of picturesque Maine. 

Renovation is a collaborative process, and our approach began with understanding our client's vision and the architectural heritage of the property. The goal of this project was to create a home with unique characteristics, ensuring a harmonious balance between modern sensibilities and the timeless allure of coastal Maine.

We started the project with CAD Designs and 3D Renderings which helped bring the concept to life and breathed new life into an old home that had last been updated decades ago. 

Important details for this home were its streamlined shape and expansive balconies, allowing the client to enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors on a daily basis. Designed to integrate outdoor enjoyment with everyday use, it created a sense of spaciousness that was also suited for entertaining guests.

The choice to incorporate floor to ceiling windows throughout the home gave an element of natural light to the interior, honoring the goal of bringing the outdoors in.

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