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Timeless Charm


This home captured the essence of Coastal Maine living with a nod to Victorian elements and New England's historic heritage.

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The homeowner had inherited a property that needed major updates, so this was an opportunity to create a home that was captivating not only in its environment, nestled away amongst trees and greenery on a beautiful hill, but a home that made the most of the natural light its location offered.

While updated and modern with a large deck adorned with plants, natural light floods through expansive windows, casting a warm and inviting atmosphere. Keeping in mind our client's love for their home state of Maine, we carefully selected elements that pay homage to Maine's nautical heritage. Weathered wood accents and shingles evoke a rustic ambiance and seaside escape. 

We took the cylindrical turrets and bay windows typically found in Victorian homes and crafted a more modern angled version which merged classic and modern aesthetics.

The heart of the home, the living spaces, seamlessly transitioned from one another, promoting a sense of flow and connectivity. A spacious and inviting living room, with its soaring ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, served as the focal point, creating a captivating space for both entertaining and quiet moments of relaxation.


In the kitchen, a symphony of coastal-inspired design elements came to life. Crisp white cabinetry, reminiscent of a classic New England cottage, was paired with sleek, modern appliances. Coastal inspired accents added an element of connection to the surrounding landscape.

It was a home with timeless charm derived from our client's love of Maine, the ocean, and modern architectural elements.

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