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Main Eco Homes


Redesigning an office building for our client who specializes in creating Energy-conscious custom homes


The redesign of Main Eco Homes building aimed to improve its overall energy efficiency and sustainability while maintaining the aesthetic of what it represents: eco-conscious building.

Because Maine Eco Homes is a business that builds custom homes, specializing in energy efficient construction, the goal was to incorporate a similar approach to the build of its business offices.

This included updates to insulation, windows and doors, and HVAC systems to reduce heat loss in the winter and improve natural light.


The redesign also included the incorporation of sustainable building materials, such as reclaimed wood or bamboo, and the incorporation of green roof and wall systems to reduce the building's overall environmental impact. The design also focused on creating a space for the business that shows its customers the business values and approach to building, while maintaining a beautiful space that incorporates a sense of nature and warmth, with an emphasis on natural light, ventilation, and indoor air quality.

Maine Eco Homes Rendering
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